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JB Studio Kit.jpg

I like to have at least two kits in active use at all times. My primary kit is a Pearl Studio Session Birch 7 piece, consisting of a 22" kick drum, toms- 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", with a 6.5" x 14" Yamaha Steve Gadd signature snare. The kit is supported by a Gibraltar rack system. My cymbal set up consists of a varied collection of Zildjian cymbals that I interchange based on the project I'm working on. This kit is housed in my home studio (it rarely see's the outside world) and is fully mic'd into a 16 channel Behringer mixer.

For most live show work, I'm currently using a Pearl Vision Series 6 piece kit. This kit consists of a 22" bass drum (with single pedal), toms- 8",10".12", 16", snare 5" x 14". All cymbals are Zildjian. This kit has a relatively small footprint and sets up in under 30 minutes, so it's great for show work. The blonde birch finish looks modern and cool without being an eyesore or center of attention on stage.

Road Kit.jpg

When the situation calls for it, I also use an Alesis DM10 electronic kit. For gigs in which volume is a sensitive issue, it works quite well and does a pretty good job of replicating the sound of an acoustic kit. Please note, I am not into programming triggers, loops or sequences. I am a drum purist and do not use electronics to create layers of rhythms.

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